dlDanielle D DeLongis – Licensed Massage Therapist

Danielle D DeLongis is the creator of Peaceful Scorpion Wellness. She is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

Danielle first became interested in wellness as a young teen struggling with body image in the 1990’s. She began to study yoga as a means toward finding balance during these tumultuous years.

In 2001 she became a certified Reiki practitioner. During her studies in this field Danielle was first introduced to the idea that one could pursue the complimentary healing arts as a career.

In 2005 Danielle began working at a health club. She quickly advanced in this field from front desk receptionist to general manager. Meanwhile she was also a full-time student. Danielle received her BA from Stony Brook University in Sociology and Women’s Studies. Shortly thereafter Danielle began to channel her natural gift and compassion towards others into a career as a massage therapist. It was as if a curtain had been torn open and the path was now illuminated. Although Danielle had never actually received a professional massage she enrolled at the New York College for Health Professions and began working towards becoming a licensed massage therapist.

In 2008 Danielle received both her New York State Massage License and attained her first yoga teacher certification. She kept both passions on the backburner, dabbling occasionally, until 2011 when she retired from her career as general manager of the health club. She then dove into being a full-time practitioner.

In 2013 Danielle first won the Dan’s Papers “Best of the Best” contest for Best Massage Therapist on the North Fork. She received this honor again in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2016 Danielle decided to deepen her yoga studies and enrolled with Beryl Bender Birch’s Institute of the Hard and the Soft. Danielle’s recent studies with both Beryl and Danielle Goldstein, owner of Mindful Turtle in Setauket, have brought her practice of the eight-limbed yogic path and her yoga teaching to a whole new level.  Danielle graduated the Institute of the Hard and the Soft in November of 2016. The momentum of this new accomplishment and the profound personal growth gained from the experience propelled her forward, fulfilling her dream of opening her own wellness center.

Peaceful Scorpion Wellness was born of Danielle’s dream to create a healing space where she could provide the best possible care for her clients. The center also seeks to be a refuge for the weary therapist worn down by the demanding schedule of working in a spa or chiropractor office.

Danielle has adapted the ancient Zen proverb used by her teachers, Beryl and Danielle, “Before one can be both hard and strong, one must first be both soft and pliable.” She believes this applies both physically and emotionally and encourages others to use the art of massage and the practice of yoga to help find this balance within. Danielle also continues to use her personal mantra, “Feel better. Move better. Be better.” She has set this intention and hope for every client she has worked with since the start of her career and hopes to continue helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin for many years to come.


Peaceful Scorpion Wellness is happy to welcome Michelle Calamita.

Located, within Peaceful Scorpion, Danielle and Michelle would be happy to coordinate their schedules to meet your needs. Want to visit with your loved one or friend and have simultaneous rituals? Call us!

Want to plan a girls day, bachelorette party or pre-wedding day of relaxation?  We’re happy to accommodate! Round up your ladies and contact us! We can offer you EXCLUSIVE use of our healing space for your special day. You bring the champagne. We’ll bring our healing touch!



Michelle Calamita – Licensed Esthetician

Hello, my name is Michelle Calamita and I am a Certified Licensed Esthetician in the State of New York. I received my education at the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics in New York City. I am licensed to give all facial treatments including microdermabrasion, photo therapy light treatments, micro-current, chemical peels and waxing services. I also provide the latest new eyelash enhancement called, “Lash Lifting!”
I will tell you a little about myself and why being an Esthetician is important to me. I became more aware in my teen years how important it was to start taking care of my body, both mentally and physically. I always enjoyed eating right and exercising and fell in love with make up and skincare products. Struggling with teen and adult acne, I realized it wasn’t only what I was applying on my skin but also that certain ingredients in my makeup and skincare products were disrupting the natural barrier of my skin. I educated myself and learned that the use of organic skincare is imperative for myself, my clients, the environment, and animals.
It is important to educate my clients that using plant-based skincare will still provide key nutrients to obtain a beautiful healthy glow and anti-aging benefits. Our skin is the largest organ and we are impacted everyday by pollution and harmful chemicals. I only use products without parabens, sulfates, alcohols, binders, fillers and are not tested on animals.
My goal is to listen to my clients concerns and skincare goals, keep clients at ease using organic plant based products, and keeping them very relaxed throughout the whole treatment. I look forward to continuing my journey as an Esthetician and offering top notch service to my clients.
To schedule a Facial or Lash Lift at Peaceful Scorpion Wellness on Wednesdays and Fridays please contact me directly through email or phone