• A warm shower or bath before you head to the wellness center begins the relaxation experience and washes away chemicals, minerals and make-up. Mixed with spa products these can clog pores. Take this a step further and envision yourself washing away your stress!
  • Turn off all portable devices.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.
  • Remove all jewelry and secure your hair atop your head.
  • Forget your worries and breathe deeply! Keep an open mind and an open heart and allow the healing to happen.
  • Arrive on time. Better yet, arrive early and enjoy a few minutes of down time and a cup of tea in our relaxation room. Arriving late will decrease the length and effectiveness or your treatment. All treatments must end at the scheduled time out of respect for the next client.
  • Book your next wellness visit before you leave the center to ensure you continue on your wellness journey without interruption. You may also set a recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly appointment to keep you on track.