Yoga Schedule

Our yoga practices and building community are even more important than ever during this calamity. Staying centered and connected is possible….we just have to be creative.

I will be offering an array of YogaYogaSculpt & Myofascial Release classes via Zoom. As we travel further into the unknown I am committed to working only this way through Labor Day…and beyond.
Zoom yoga is here to stay.  If it becomes safe to move some classes to the studio I will. I envision future classes will be a mix of live and virtual. 

Classes are taught by Danielle unless otherwise noted.

Please have a set of weights for YogaSCULPT & Sculpt/Flow FUSION (water bottles will do in a pinch). These are fast paced classes designed to make you drop some sweat! If you have a circular resistance band and/or a yoga block you may have the opportunity to use them.

Self Myofascial Release classes require a foam roller & a tennis ball.  It’s like giving yourself a massage. Rock & Roll is a combination of Core Work & Myofascial Release. I do believe Myofascial Release works best on warmed up muscle and connective tissue so whenever possible take the class held directly beforehand. If you have a jade roller, or other roller for your face, you may have the opportunity to use it.

Please inquire about joining the what’s app Peaceful Scorpion Community chat. Here I will post news about classes….for example I may ask you to bring a chair or a belt/neck tie for some classes. I will also post a Spotify playlist curated for class for you to listen along at home.

Classes are 60-65 minutes unless otherwise noted.


$10 per class

7 classes for $50 (Please keep track of your classes if you choose this option. We will work on the honor system!)

21 days of Unlimited classes for $108 (Mark your expiration date on your calendar!)



4:00 pm-  YogaSCULPT

5:15pm- Self Myofascial Release (45 minutes)


7:30 am– Rise and SHINE Flow w/ Special Guest Star teacher Molly Vallillo 


6:00 pm- YogaSCULPT/Flow Fusion-90 minutes


7:30 am– Rise and SHINE Flow

8:45am– Rock & Roll (Core work & Myofascial Release)


7:30 am- YogaSCULPT

9:15 am– REVIVE and Realign (a more gentle practice)


8:30am- Element Alchemy Flow

Unique Offerings Sprinkled Into July
Saturday, July 4th
Star Spangled Mini Sculpt
with Danielle DeLongis
Get up and get sweaty before our Flow practice!
Holiday weekends are a time to indulge our senses. Enjoy every moment!
Get it! Sweat it out! Never regret it! 35 minutes

Thursday, July 9th

Stardust & Sweet Dreams
with Danielle DeLongis
Nourishing seated and reclining postures followed by a restorative practice using a chair, blanket and pillow. Come in your pajamas washed up & ready for bed. Journey from your mat to bed and drop directly into dreamland at the end of practice.(I recommend a firm king size pillow, or a yoga bolster if available-two smaller or softer pillows can be substituted.) 75 minutes.
Gentle & Beginner Friendly.
Monday, July 13th
Moonlight Nirvana Yin
with Molly Vallillo
Yin yoga focuses on grounding, passive postures targeting the deep connective tissue and fascia. Tap into your subtle energy, known as meridians or channels in Traditional Chinese medicine & as nadis in Hatha Yoga. This practice asks us to fully let go and release, to observe what arises and to breathe through unease. 60 minutes.
Gentle & Beginner Friendly.
Thursday, July 23rd
LIVE Twilight Flow
with Danielle DeLongis
Live, Social Distanced Flow!!!
Lois Anne has been kind enough to offer us the lawn of her gorgeous Center Moriches home for an outdoor class!
Please wear a mask while you’re entering but you can remove it once you’re on your mat. This class is included in your unlimited or punch card but will require advanced registration.
Limited capacity to ensure proper spacing between mats.
Further details furnished upon registration.
Text or Email Danielle to RSVP

How To:

Download the Zoom app and create a free account

Or go their website and create a free account

At least 30 minutes prior to class: Pay for your class(es) via PayPal below or Venmo @Danielle-DeLongis .

Email Danielle or text her 631-645-0980 so she can provide you with the entry password! Your password will remain the same for all classes.

The meeting ID for ALL Peaceful Scorpion Wellness classes will be:

687 265 1760


Select Class Option

If you are experiencing severe financial hardship please contact Danielle and we will make arrangements for you to join us with karmic payment! We will leave no yogi behind.  ☮️🦂