Yoga Schedule

We are in the midst of a global crisis. Physical distancing is extremely important at this time.
Our yoga practices and building community are even more important than ever. Staying centered and connected is possible….we just have to be creative.

I will be offering an array of Yoga and YogaSculpt classes via Zoom. As we travel further into the unknown I am committed to staying home in order to help flatten the curve. I will be working this way through April 30th…and perhaps beyond.

Yoga and YogaSCULPT classes will be one hour. Community Meditation classes (complimentary) will be 20-30 minutes. Thursday classes will be followed by a 30-60 minute yoga chat where participants will be invited to share and talk to each other. The chat is optional. I will be providing a framework, and sometimes a topic of discussion, as well as moderating the chat.


$10 per class

7 classes for $50 (Please keep track of your classes if you choose this option. We will work on the honor system!)

21 days of Unlimited classes for $108

Please choose your investment option wisely. I cannot upgrade membership options at this time. Thank you.



4:00 pm-  YogaSCULPT

7:30pm– Meta Meditation (Loving Kindness Meditation- ☮️🦂 community class-no charge)


7:30 am– Rise and SHINE Flow w/ Special Guest Star teacher Molly Vallillo 


12:30 pm– Guided Meditation with Molly Vallillo (☮️🦂community class-no charge)
6:00 pm- YogaSCULPT


8:00 am– Rise and SHINE Flow
5:30pm– Ground and GLOW Flow


7:30 am- YogaSCULPT
9:15 am– REFRESH and Realign (a more gentle practice)


9:30am- Ground and GLOW Flow

How To:

Download the Zoom app and create a free account

Or go their website and create a free account

At least 30 minutes prior to class: Pay for your class(es). Email Danielle or text her 631-645-0980 to let her know which class you are paying for so she can provide you with the entry password! Your password will remain the same for all classes within a calendar month.

The meeting ID for ALL Peaceful Scorpion Wellness classes will be:

687 265 1760

Select Class Option

If you are experiencing severe financial hardship please contact Danielle and we will make arrangements for you to join us with karmic payment! We will leave no yogi behind. ☮️🦂

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